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ItSaul Natural green roof soils are blended to specifications that meet guide lines for roof top use. A mixture of Perma Till expanded slate and orgainic compost featuring

EXTENSIVE Green roofs have a soil depth of approximately 1 to 6 inches and usually support 10-25 lbs of vegetation per square foot. Extensive roofs are designed to be self-sustaining and can be established on a thin layer of soil. The purpose of this type of roof is to maximize water use and moderate temperature extremes in the building while keeping the overall weight of the roof low.

INTENSIVE Green roofs are traditional style roof gardens with large trees and shrubs in a park like design. These roofs often include paths and walkways with space for people to interact. The planting medium starts at 6 inches and can range to several feet. These roof tops are designed to support as much as 150 lbs of vegetation per square foot.